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    A Bright Future

    China - A Land of Opportunities for Clinical Trials


to Jsure Health!

Jsure Health is a specialized clinical research organization that provides integrated solutions in regard to patient recruitment and CRC services.

Jsure Health is the first company to apply healthcare communications and marketing expertise to patient recruitment initiatives for clinical research in China.

Jsure Health leverages health media, patient and physician online communities, call centers, as well as a site dedicated offline recruitment team to reach doctors or potential study participants and educate them about clinical research opportunities.



  • Jsure is the leading professional company in China foused on the patient recruitment and CRC service.


  • Study Feasibility
  • Patient Recruitment
  • Patient
  • E-solution-Drug Hunter
  • CRC Service


  • Provides services for over 30 multinational pharmaceutical companies.


  • Several ten pharma companies utilize Jsure support to improve enrollment performance.

What Our Clients Say

During the clinical research period,our centre have recruited suitable subjects,accelerated the collection of clinical cases,and promoted the listing process of new drugs by using "the  online platform and service for patients with major chronic diseases" of ShangHai Jsure Health.

Clinical trial institution

Shanghai Xuhui Central Hospital

During the period of the clinical trial which was carried out to assess the efficacy and safety of Pembrolizumab( pd-1 inhibitor) to treat lung cancer and melanoma by Merck Chinese, Jsure Health has done a effective work for patients recruitment. 



Merck & Co., Inc.